All My Favorites in Mirano, Italy

Living in Mirano for a month, truly was all about embracing life in a small, countryside Italian town. I can’t say I would tell anyone that Mirano specifically is a must-visit town, but it was our home for the month, so I wanted to show you around a bit more. Everything was less than a 2-mile radius from the house.

  1. Mirano House
  2. PAM Local – our grocery store.
  3. La Panetteria Snc Di Marchiori Mauro & C – our favorite bakery. We walked to the bakery most mornings. We got to know Julia at the bakery. She knew our standing order.
  4. Ristobar Aurora – my favorite pastry treat came from here. I got to know Erica very well, she also knew my standing order. Two pistachio sfogliatella for take-away.
  5. Nolan’s Park
  6. L’arte di Mauro – our ice cream shop. We got to know Sylvia very well, she also knew our standing order. I think she had a crush on Jim.
  7. Scavezzon Bicycles – we rented our bikes from here. Maximo helped us find bikes and Nolan fell in love with Phebe, their dog.
  8. The start of the canal that I used for my running path.
  9. Ristorante Pizzeria C’era una volta – our favorite pizza place.
  10. L’Isola Di Celegato Elda Sas – the nail salon I went to.
  11. Park Parco Villa Belvedere – the bigger park in Mirano, though Nolan did not like the playground, we did feed the ducks and fish several times.

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