Friends Make the World Go Round

After traveling for 9-months, the feeling of isolation has set in. We’ve greatly enjoyed this experience but dearly miss our friends and family. Along the way, we’ve had friends visit us, which honestly has really kept us going during a few tough moments.

In July 2018, while in London, we saw both my brother’s family and well as an old friend of Jim’s, Rich. We had only been on our trip for a few weeks, so at the time, I didn’t realize how precious it was to see people from home.

In August 2018, while in Amsterdam, we had an extended visit from Hannah. Hannah visited as a high school graduation present. She stayed with us, which was really lovely. To this day, Nolan insists Hannah came only to see him.

In October 2018, while in Italy, Jen and Michele planned a trip to Italy. While their trip took them all around Italy, we got to spend time with them in Venice.

In November 2018, while in Barcelona, both Jim’s sister, Sabrina, and Jim’s best friend, Mike, both planned trips to Europe and we were lucky enough to spend time with them in Spain.


In January 2019, while in Chang Mai, it was basically a party. We saw our friends, the Friends, and Jim hosted his company too.

In March 2019, while in Tokyo, we had visits from Jackie Newnam, and Rich Whitney again! Rich and his family were visiting Japan to see his wife’s family. It was really great to visit with a Japanese family.

In April 2019, while in Sydney, my Dad came to visit! I was looking forward to his visit but didn’t realize how much I missed him until picking him up at the airport … I cried like a baby!

…. and lastly …

In June 2019, while in Santiago, we will see our very good friend Nate and Kim Greuel!

Honestly, looking back at this list, I feel very blessed. To all those that we’ve seen, it’s been amazing.  To everyone else, we will see you soon!

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