A Lesson in UK English

I always knew English (United States) vs English (United Kingdom) was different, but now that I’ve been here a few weeks, I’ve now really experienced the difference.  It’s really interesting, here are a couple of fun examples:

  • Lift = Elevator
  • Pushchair = Stroller
  • Suncream = Sunscreen
  • Chips = French Fries
  • Crisps = Chips
  • Post = Mail
  • Rubbish = Trash
  • Queue = Line
  • Cooker = Stove

A few of Nolan’s favorites:

  • Holiday = Vacation
  • Tube = Subway
  • Biscuit = Cookie

As for the grocery store or coffee shop, do not ask for half & half, it’s not a thing. After being looked at like I have two heads, I learned in London you get single cream, double cream, or triple dream. Single cream is basically half and half, double cream is like heavy whipping cream, and triple cream is not like anything I’ve seen in the US. Triple cream is the consistency of pudding, rich, and sweet. I’m using single cream for my coffee at the house and double cream for our scrambled eggs in the morning.

Other than small differences in the language, Nolan and I have noticed the street names are much more fun here!  All the tube lines and stations have such great names; Waterloo, Paddington,  Euston, and last but not least Piccadilly! Piccadilly has become our most favorite word to say.  So much so, that Nolan now wakes me up every morning by sneaking into our bedroom, getting about 2 inches from my face, and every so quietly saying “Piccadilly.”

Photos from around London:

This has become one of my favorite videos. It has become a morning ritual.


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