Exactly Where I Am Supposed To Be

Over the past few months, I have certainly thought to myself … “what are we doing.” But today, today was the perfect day to level set my emotions and mental state.  I’ve been watching the sun rise and set every day, but from our apartment, I can’t actually see the horizon.  I’ve been wanting to take a short hike up to the shoreline and actually watch the sunset.  Well, today, today we made it, and it was breathtaking.

As we sat together watching the sun slowly set, I had a very vivid feeling of peace wash over me, tears came to my eyes, and I thought to myself — “Nope, I am not supposed to be anywhere else in the entire world other than, right here, right now.”  It was such a beautiful evening and memory, I wanted to share.

Check out the amazing photos on our @BrownsATW Instagram.



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