Faith: Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)

Australia has been an interesting country to visit for my Faith research. In both Sydney and Melbourne, I didn’t find many churches in my walkabouts, which led me to research a bit more about Australia.

Although there is no established church or religion, the vast majority of the population, according to the 2016 Census, “Christian religion affiliations were reported by 52% of the population. Non-Christian religions represented about 8% of the population. About 39% of the population stated they had no religion or did not state their religion.”

After spending 6-weeks in Australia, I would say, though the 52% of people “affiliate” with the Christian faith, I didn’t feel or sense a strong connection to faith in Australia.  I struggled even finding a church in both Sydney and Melbourne. I had to Google churches to even find a church in either city.

Here’s are my data points from Australia, which I was only able to complete by researching:

  • Within a 3-mile radius of our house in both Sydney and Melbourne, there were less than 5-churches total.
  • Size of Churches … based on my Google research only, the churches seemed to be all shapes and sized (see photos below).
  • Denominations … all the churches I saw were Christian.
  • Services … based on my research the services were pretty typical to what you’d find in a Christian church, Sundays and Wednesdays. Of course, the Catholic churches offered daily mass services.

As for, what does “Sunday” mean, I found Sunday to be a quieter day, but also a “family” day. Nolan and I ventured out most Sunday’s to a park and they were often busy.  We also noticed that most businesses opened a bit later on Sundays and a few were closed.

Thanks to Google, here are some photos from Rosebery (Sydney):

Thanks to Google, here are some photos from Kew (Melbourne):



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