Faith: London

London was an interesting city for my faith research. We took weekend trips, so I didn’t get to really see Tottenham on a Sunday, though I did get to explore the Tottenham on my runs and I did explore a few other communities around London.

Here’s are my data points:

  • During my runs through Tottenham, I did notice a church every few blocks. A quick Google search returned 15 churches around the house.
  • All of the churches were smaller, mostly because London is a major city, but also because they are really old.  Also, as with any major city, I did find a few churches in storefront spaces.
  • Tottenham was also pretty diverse in demonization. There’s a good mix of culture, so while there are plenty of really old Christian churches, there are also a few
  • Service Schedule of Churches seemed to be primary on Sundays, though I did pass a few churches with weekday service options.

In general, a church seemed to be just a church in London. It didn’t seem to be the source of “community.”  Rather there were Community Centers everywhere. We actually visited the local Community Center a few times with Nolan. It was just about a block from the house and I would liken it to a YMCA.

As a point of comparison, I did also spend a bit of time researching the church websites. After realizing the quality of the church websites back in the US, I thought it would be interesting to compare.  Not all of the churches have websites and of those that do, they are pretty simple, and interestingly enough, none of them have the ability to “give” on them.

As for, what does “Sunday” mean, I feel my research is a bit short-sighted, but because London was such a major city, Sunday did seems to be just another day in London.

Here are a few churches, I thought were cool around London.


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