Food: London Part 2

After getting the food home from our initial stock-up from TESCO, I noticed some of the food expired quickly. For example, the single cream had a label that said, “use within 3-days of opening” and the strawberries, while amazing, started to go back within about 2-days.  So instead of walking a half mile to the TESCO every couple of days, we took to the local market that was less than a block from the house.

It was also amazing! Small, but super fresh.

Here’s my research data on local market:

  • 4 apple varieties
  • 7 bread varieties
  • 6 milk varieties
  • 6 aisles

Overall, I really like the markets.  Here are a few of my other thoughts:

  • I thought we wasted less food because we only purchased what we wanted to eat that day.  If I wanted a salad, I would walk up to the market and get salad supplies. If Jim wanted Oreos, he’d walk to get Oreos.
  • I liked purchasing based on what was fresh and available. We’d walk over and see what looked good and based our shopping accordingly. One day we got strawberries, the next time watermelon, the next time raspberries, always eating what we purchased within that day.

Our schedule was totally different in London, so I will say I didn’t actually get to cook much in London. As we travel and continue to tweak our schedule, I do want to find a way to actually cook more.

Here are a few photos from the local market.

Dairy Section

Bread Section

Outdoor Product Section

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  1. Another excellent post! Especially love that Jim needs to get his Oreos, opposes to your salad. Step up your fresh veggie game Jim!

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