Food: Sitges, Spain Part 2

In addition to all the little shops and stores in Sitges, there was a very large, traditional grocery story called Mercadona.  It had everything all in one stop. When were first arrived in Sitges, we made our initial stock-up shopping trip at Mercadona. Jim, me, Nolan, and Priya all went to Mercadona, and we got everything we need from our check-in shopping list including paper towel, peanut butter, toilet wipes, lotion, bath soap for Nolan, etc. Everyone helped carry bags back from our initial stock-up shopping trip. Though it was less than a mile from our house, we didn’t shop here much through the month —  check our my Food Part 1 blog.

The Mercadona literally had everything we needed and most like a Kroger from back home. It has a great produce section, bakery & packaged bread, meats, dairy, and a fresh fish counter.

Here’s my research data on Mercadona:

  • 5 apple varieties.
  • 12 packaged bread varieties, though there was also a bakery.
  • 12 milk varieties. All the milk was warm, unlike in previous cities where I could find cold and warm milk. The Mercadona only had warm milk.
  • 6 very long aisles.

Other comments about food and the Mercadona:

  • I found most everything I needed between the Mercadona and the 5-other stores I shopped ours more regularly. We did purchase boxed brownies from the Taste of United States store in Barcelona, which calls for vegetable oil — strangely, I never found vegetable oil in any of the stores. There was tons of olive oil and sunflower oil, but no vegetable oil.
  • I mentioned this in the Food Part 1 blog as well, but I never did try the fresh fish. I must research how to prep and cook a whole fish!
  • Puppy parking was one of my favorite parts about the Mercadona and most all the stores around Sitges.
    Before I go, I also have to give an honorable mention to Casa Ametller.  While I only popped in a couple times, it is where I opted to purchase the majority of our fruits & veggies for Thanksgiving!

Here are a few pictures from Mercadona:

Here are a few pictures from Casa Ametller:

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