G’Day Mate, from Sydney!

Greetings from down under. We’ve made it to Australia and finally back to a western-style home.  After three months in Asia, I was very happy to return to all the luxuries of a western-style home.

Welcome to Rosebery, a suburb about 3-miles south of downtown Sydney. We were in the “penthouse” apartment was on the 5th floor and included 3-bedroom, 2-bathrooms with an amazing wrap around patio with views of downtown Sydney. Upon entering the house, there was a closet that Nolan quickly claimed as the shoe/coat/bag area and then it opened up to a single large, open concept living space.

The workspace was interesting in the house. We were looking forward to having a dedicated workspace but didn’t realize it was literally right off the main living space. While it was nice to actually have a desk and chair, we found it challenging at times to work.

Off the main living space was a bedroom, which Priya took. Then from the main living space, behind the kitchen area, was a hallway leading to the laundry room, 2-bedrooms and a bathroom.  Nolan took the bedroom with two twin beds and Jim and I took the master suite, which included an on-suite bathroom.

The kitchen was amazing!  We had a full stove, cooktop, microwave, and dishwasher, which I truly enjoyed.  I cooked almost all our meals at the apartment. After eating out so much in Toyko, it was really nice to eat at home and have some good, clean eating.  I also really enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking dinner and seeing the family play and hang in the living space.

The bedrooms and bathrooms were also very modern and nice.  Nolan enjoyed the bathtub in the master bedroom on a regular basis and we found a LUSH and picked up a few bath bombs.

Now, let me who’s you around the apartment a bit more.

Building & Entrance:

Main Living Space:

^ I cannot tell you how nice it was to actually have a fully functioningy western-style kitchen.


^ In the main living space, there was a closet with a desk and office chair.  While not ideal to be located off the main living space, it was nice to actually have a desk.

Balcony View:

Laundry Room:

^ An actual washer and dryer!  Heaven.

Nolan’s Bedroom:


Master Bedroom:

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