Halloween On The Road

Shortly after arriving to Sitges, I began my hunt for Halloween costumes.  Nolan requested Spiderman and I knew that was going to be a tall order. Sitges is a great little beach town with everything you could need for a month, except the local pop-up Halloween store. Where in the world was I going to find costumes??

I began my search down the streets of Sitges, stopping in every toy store and kids clothing store I could find.  I was disappointed and quickly running out of hope that I would find anything.  Then, on my way back to the apartment empty handed, I came across a general store.  Think of it like a Dollar Tree or a Dollar General, it has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of random.  I popped in and was pleasantly surprised to find two aisles dedicated to Halloween costumes and decor.  I search and searched, but didn’t any super hero customs.  As I was leaving, yet again empty handed, three English speaking girls walked in and I over heard them talking about the “other store had a much better selection.”  I took little time to introduce myself and ask where this “other store” was located. Thankfully, it was just a short walk up the street, so off I went.

To my happy surprise the store had a fantastic supply of Halloween costumes and so my search began. I was able to locate exactly two super hero customs, both were Nolan’s size. I found an Iron Man and a Captain America, and thought to myself Iron Man it is.  I am not sure what made me think to open the costume, but I am very glad I did because the Iron Man was missing the mask!!  Great, Captain America it is.

As I was standing at the check out, Nolan’s small voice popped into my head and said, “but Mom, there is no shield.” I could just see Nolan’s eyes of disappointment as he opened the Captain America and discovered the costume didn’t come with a shield — unacceptable. I stepped out of line and searched around the store of everything and gathered what I would need to make a shield.

Later that night the crafting began. As Nolan and Jim worked on carving a pumpkin, I carefully measured, cut, and glued together one amazing Captain America shield.  Nolan was very pleased and I have to say, it did turn out very nicely.

Happy Halloween – check out a few more pictures on the @BrownsATW Intagram page!

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