Just a Quick Flight Down to Melbourne

Since we were in Australia for 6-weeks we decided to split our time between Sydney and Melbourne. We’d received a lot of feedback that the two cities were very different and worth exploring.

So we took a short (about an hour) domestic flight to Melbourne and it is lovely. We are staying in a small neighborhood of Kew and I am extremely happy here. Between the two, it is no contest for me, I prefer Melbourne over Sydney.

For folks back home in the US, it would compare it to New York City vs Nashville, Tennesse. Both are amazing cities, but they are extremely different.

Let show you around! We are staying in another apartment building, but this time, it is only 3-stories and we are on the 3rd-floor penthouse. I gotta say, while I do love the apartment, I think the word “penthouse” might be a small stretch.

The apartment is another open concept space with 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms. Upon entering the apartment, there’s a laundry room directly on the right and then the apartment opens up to the main living space. The kitchen is another very well equipped (and stocked) western-style kitchen. All the comforts of home! The living space has a nice large TV and the coach is extra cozy and we’ve enjoyed a few movie-nights.

We’ve setup a workspace on the dining table, but it’s extremely large, so we’ve been able to work from one end and still have plenty of room from for family dinner.

The apartment includes an amazing balcony, which we’ve all enjoyed and it has a BBQ. I’ve used the BBQ at least three times per week since we’ve been here.

Behind the main living space are the bedrooms and bathrooms. Though nothing overly amazing about them, it is nice to have comfortable, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms with nice big showers. In the master bedroom on-suite, we do have double sinks, which is honestly the first time we’ve had two sinks since being back home.

Now, me give you the grand tour.

Building & Entrance:

^Each floor of the building have a massive scene scape from Paris. This is the ground floor.

^ This is the second floor.

^ This is the third floor.

Entry Way & Laundry Room:

Main Living Space:

The Patio:

^ So lovely!

Nolan’s Bedroom:


Jim & Kathy’s Bedroom and On-Suite:

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