Life’s Little Comforts

Welcome to Hong Kong! I still have a few blog posts to write for Chiang Mai, but I must skip forward to what happened this morning! It is a blogging emergency!

We arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, as usual, I did a check of the kitchen and found a coffee pot, I was so happy! Before going to bed last night — I set the coffee pot with filtered water from the faucet and the coffee I brought with me from Chiang Mai.

This morning I had a 7am meeting for work. I got up, hit the On button, and sat down at my computer — 10 mins later … NO COFFEE!! The coffee pot doesn’t work!!! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

Thankfully one of the smartest things I did was start traveling with a French Press. I pulled out of the North Face duffel, switched the filtered water to the kettle and the coffee to the French Press. 15-mins later … Momma has her coffee!

As I sit and drink my coffee this morning, it made me think about the comforts of life. We’ve been traveling for 8-months now, and we’ve just accepted that life is now full of unknowns and big discomforts. I made a conscious effort early on in our trip to make sure we didn’t have to deal with the little discomforts, somehow knowing the little things are taken care of makes dealing with the big things a little easier.

Jim has his computer monitor, Nolan has his 2-lb bag of Legos, Momma can have her French Press!


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