Moving Day, Welcome to Ton Pai

One of the benefits of planning the trip as we go is that we have the flexibility to change-up our travel if the mood hits us. As we were researching Chiang Mai, we quickly realized we should extend our time in Thailand. We opted to say 6-weeks rather than the typical 4-weeks. However, in doing so, we needed to find a second house in Chiang Mai as our original house was not available to extend. Thankfully, AirBnb delivered yet another good house for us less than a mile away from our original house. BUT — this meant we needed to pack up and move houses!

Since we were only moving houses, I opted not to fully pack us up. I used boxes and grocery bags to move things that I typically wouldn’t pack, like our food, paper towels, coffee maker, etc. We rented a Red Truck, packed up the truck, and away we went to our new house.

The new house is very different than Baan Busakorn house. While the new house is larger and still gated, it is also located in a slightly busier neighborhood, and it is not as ‘homey.” 

Upon entering the gate, there’s a massive covered patio with very few plants (unlike the Baan Busakorn house).  When entering the house, the first main area is a living space with a dining table, to the left is a TV room, and straight back is the kitchen and a full bathroom.  Nolan found a desk in the main living area and assigned it the sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, keys bag, and shoe area. The kitchen is sorely equipped, even worse than Baan Busakorn, so that will be interesting. Up a much more traditional flight of stairs is the second level with 4-bedrooms and another full bathroom.

Now, let me who’s you around the house bit more.

Main Gate & Patio:

Main Level – Desk for Sunglasses, Keys, Bags, Shoes, etc.:

Main Level – Living Space:

^Jim setup his office at the table for a few days, so that he didn’t have to extend his membership at the workspace.

Main Level – TV Room:

Main Level – Full Bathroom:

^The shower is still pretty terrible, but slightly better than Baan Busakorn.

^Same rules apply! 

Main Level – Kitchen:

Main Level – Staircase:

Second Level – Nolan’s Room:

Second Level – Jim & Kathy’s Room.

Second Level – Kathy’s Office:

Second Level – Full Bathroom:

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