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  1. Nolan! These videos are the highlight of my month. I cannot believe how many steps you had to climb to get to the Great Wall of China! If you come visit us in Vancouver, we’ll take you to the Science Museum here too! Keep the videos coming, they are awesome!

    1. Thanks Zoe! I would love to visit Vancouver. I learned about the body and motion at the Science Museum in Melbourne. Is there anything like that at the Vancouver Science Museum?

      – Nolan

  2. China looked awesome!! Thanks for sharing all of your memories with us. It’s fun to learn from you!! You could be a teacher!!!

    The parks looked so cool, and the museums!!! Omg!! And those stairs looked quite steep to climb. Good thing you’re strong.

    You and Nate will have lots of fun in Chile learning more about space! You’ll have to teach him everything you know!!

    1. Thanks guys! See you in Chile! I know a lot about science, so hope Nate is ready!


    2. Catching up on your adventures! We loved Nolan’s latest video. So many wonderful places – we so enjoy hearing about them.
      Anxious to see you all in a few months!!!!!!

  3. This is my favorite video so far! I loved seeing your pictures and I’m incredibly jealous of the fun you’re having! Miss you!

    1. I miss you too Aunt Sabrina. I still have the beanie baby you gave me in Spain!


  4. Nolan I love to hear about your adventures, your videos are the BEST! I’m curious what you favorite place has been so far? Your mom and dad are pretty cool too! Tell them Carissa says hello!

    Can’t wait to see you guys when you return!

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    1. My favorite place of the trip has been Italy. I liked all the boats and canals … oh, and the chocolate croissants!


  5. Hey Nolan –

    Your video was pretty sweet! I’ve always wanted to check out the Great Wall but seeing all those steps you have to take makes it seem pretty challenging. I bet the views were worth it though. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun and keep up with the videos to update us on how it’s going!

    1. Will do, but only if you promise to take me for a ride in Night-Ops Bumblebee when I get home!


  6. Nolan I’m so jealous of your trip! Looks like you are having a great time. I think the dogs would be my favorite part! And all those dumplings! Hug your mama and dad tight!

    1. Thanks for watching my videos. Mommy told me about your new house in Flordia and that you have a pool! I can’t wait to come visit.


  7. We could hear Daddy breathing hard too climbing all those steps on the Great Wall of China! You are so curious and love to explore. Don’t ever stop exploring.
    It must have been great to visit the “Forgetting City”.
    I have watched ALL if your videos and promise to keep commenting.

    1. Thanks Mamaw, I cannot wait to check out your new school. Do they have a music room that I can still play in? I hope so.


  8. Nolan, what a cool video! I’ve never been to Hong Kong but you make me want to go! It looks like you’re a great baseball player too, which is awesome! What is your favorite team?

    1. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubbies! Thanks for watching my video.


  9. Nolan we loved seeing all the cool places you visited while in Hong Kong! Jaxstin loved your video of climbing the steps saying “just a few more”! Oh and he’s sad he didn’t get to see Captain America with you 😊 Keep the pictures and videos coming!!! 💙

    1. Thanks for watching my videos and please come to my coming home party! Mommy will be sending out invites soon.


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