November in Sitges, Spain

Welcome to the beach!  We have officially settled into our fifth AirBNB, but this time we are at the beach.  We did run into our first small snag with our AirBNB house this month, which was fun.

About 2-weeks before we were scheduled to arrive in Barcelona, the homeowner contacted Jim and said the house we booked was no longer available.  She offered us another home she owned, but we didn’t really like it.  So very last minute, we started back up a search for houses near the beach in Barcelona.  We settled on a lovely 3-bedroom house in Sitges.

So far, this is my favorite house. We are about a half mile from the beach, we have two balconies, and both have a lovely view of the ocean.  The house is two stories, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms. When you first enter, Nolan found cubbies for our shoes.  It’s become a bit of a thing for Nolan to find the Shoe, Sunscreen, Keys, Sunglass Station in the house.

The main floor has the kitchen, living spaces, one of the bedrooms and a full bath.  The kitchen is well stocked, I can defiantly tell the homeowner cooks. I’ve found lots of pots 7 pans and an excellent supply of tubblewear. I posted on Instagram on the first day here, about the coffee pot, but in case you missed it … the house only has a Nespresso. I did try it but quickly determined it was a no-go and set out to find an actual coffee machine.  A coffee machine was secured within our first 48-hours.  There are two tables. We selected the smaller table in the kitchen as our eating table, and Jim used the more formal dining table as his office. The living space does also have a large sectional type couch that is good for snuggling and watching movies.  And Priya has set up in the bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.

The second floor, which is actually the lower floor is our family space.  There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Nolan picked his bedroom first, which has two bunk beds and loves of cubbies and drawers for toys and he selected the bright green bathroom.  Jim and I took the other bedroom, which has a full-size bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower.  Perhaps a small bit of TMI, but we all decided to keep to our own bathrooms this month.  No pooping outside of your designated bathroom, we all need our own quiet space for our personal business.

Initially, I set up my office in our bedroom downstairs but quickly realized the internet wasn’t strong enough and I really struggled with working. Personally, I really need a separate working space to set up my desk. I prefer someplace quiet and away from the family when working. I find that I am very easily distracted these days, so it’s best for me to force myself into a dedicated space, remain focused for work, and then be able to walk away from it. Once realized the bedroom wasn’t going to work, I investigated my options and settled on the laundry closet. I purchased a little $12 table, moved my computer, candle, & pictures up to the laundry closet, and away I go.  There’s a window right above my desk, so I get plenty of fresh air, and there’s a door I can close if I need to focus.

Also, Jim very quickly realized the homeowner has cats.  Our first day here, Jim settled onto the cozy coach for a quick nap.  When he woke up, he was a mess. I felt so bad for him. Upon speaking with the homeowner, yes, they do have cats, and yes, the couch is apparently their favorite place in the house.  Jim has avoided the couch since and has been basically living on allergy meds since.

The house does have a washer only, no dryer, which I am used to by now.  I’m going to research our laundry option in town as we are all pretty tired of crunchy clothes after Italy.

Now, let me show you around a bit more.

Balcony View:

Main Floor – Entry Way:

Main Floor – Living Space:

^Jim set up his office in the dining room.

^Cozy couch that Jim cannot go near, but Nolan has settled into nicely.

^Balcony and drying room.

Main Floor – Kitchen:

^Let’s see how this baby holds when preparing Thanksgiving dinner!



^I honestly did try the Nespresso, I just couldn’t do it, so I pickup an actual coffee pot and I found two great mugs.

Stairs to Second Floor:

Second Floor – Jim and Kathy’s Bedroom and Bathroom:

^Yep, that is a FULL size bed. Lots of snuggling.

^Great shower! By far my favorite so far. It reminds me a lot of home.

^Our entire closet space in the bedroom, which is perfect amount of space.

Second Floor – Nolan’s Bedroom & Bathroom:

My Office Space:

^This is my laundry room office … and the washer.

^This was my first attempt at an office set up in our bedroom on the second floor. #FAIL

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    1. There’s been a bidet in every house since Kiyv. Personally, I don’t get it and I am a little reluctant to google — “how do use a bidet” … so I’m going to pass.

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