Sitges & Barcelona with Kids

We had a really busy month in Spain.

The first week arrived was Halloween, which is a big deal for Nolan. He was very excited to dress-up and celebrate. He also found really good selection kids games, so we had a couple really great Family Game Nights! We also spent a ton of time at the beach with friends we met in Sitges. We had two weekends with visitors from the United States. AND … we ended the month with Thanksgiving, but we did manage to find time to squeeze in some good exploring.

Here’s our list of all the things we did with Nolan.

Barcelona Zoo

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The zoo was the best zoo we’ve visited of the trip. Nolan and I went on a rainy day and had a wonderful time. It was clean, the staff was super friendly, the animals were really active, and it was huge.  Nolan liked it so much, he actually took a second trip with Priya later in the month.

Barcelona Aquarium

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Nolan went to the Aquarium with Jim and his sister and it didn’t get rave reviews from anyone.

Dragon Hunting in Barcelona

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All the credit goes to Jim on this find. It’s hosted by a company called Kids & Cat. I had no idea Barcelona was full of dragons watching from the gargoyles of the old buildings. More than a thousand of them are hiding in the façades, the streets and the squares of the city. Anna, our tour guide, taught us about the symbology of the dragon and why it is the guardian of power of nature, and a very wise animal.  Check out @BrownsATW for great pictures of the day!

Lola & Leon Family Club

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My entire Family blog post for Sitges is a rave review for Lola & Leon, but it’s worth a mention here as well.  Lola & Leon really made our month in Sitges a perfect family month.  There are other Family Clubs around the world, including Hong Kong, so we hope to hit them up.

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