So, This is What Death Feels Like.

It has officially happened. I was the first one on the trip to be officially hit with the food poisoning bug, and she was a doozy!

On Sunday night, Nolan and I had a lovely picnic in the living room and watch Batman vs Superman.  Nolan had fish sticks, and I had a little smorgasbord of goodies from the store;  crusty French bread drizzled in this fantastic cinnamon honey I found, cheese from the local cheese shop, olives & salami from the deli, and finally, my favorite item, Tony’s Chocolate bar. My fabulous dinner was topped off with a bottle of white wine.

Fast forward 3-hours, I was heaving my guts out in the bathroom and proceeded to be up every hour through the entire night.  As I was literally dying on the couch, Jim offered to go out and get me a few items, I requested; Gatorade, saltines, and orange sorbet.  God bless him, he did is very best, but came back with none of those items. He did, however, find a mango popsicle and 7Up.

48-hours later and I’m happy to announce I have officially had toast and water and I’m on the road to recovery. I’ve also trashed all the leftovers from my little smorgasbord …. except for Tony’s Chocolate, because, let’s be honest, I didn’t get the food poisoning from Tony.

As with all things, here are my silver linings;

  1. I’ve successfully dropped all the extra croissant weight I packed on in Amsterdam – hooray!
  2. I am pretty sure I’ve ended up with a complete six-pack in my abs from all the vomiting – kidding, but they are really sore. Kinda feels like I did 30-day ab challenge in 2-days.

Finally, for anyone reading this and considering a trip around the world, please take my advice and throw in a box of Gatorade packets to your bag, you’ll want them.

UPDATE: I was going through my photos from Kyiv and found a picture of my dinner from this evening.  Something on this plate of food almost killed me.

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  1. Oh dear! Hope you’re feeling better!
    Wishing you all the best!
    The Rundes

    1. Yes, all better and back to normal. I will not be buying olives from the deli anytime soon though.

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