The Comforts of Home

For the most part, we’ve done really well with making ourselves at home in both London and Amsterdam. The houses are cozy, we’ve unpacked quickly, and we’ve adjusted into our living space well. We’ve even shipped a few things back to the US that we decided that we didn’t need and I actually think we might do another shipment home before we leave Amsterdam.

BUT … there’s this thing … this one thing that I’ve really struggled with … bath towels!

I miss good, cozy bath towels that actually fit around my body. I never knew the importance of a good bath towel until we lived without them for 6-weeks.  Well, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I decided that bath towels were important enough for me to be comfortable that I broke down and bought us bath towels.

I bought Jim, Nolan and myself a set of towels. They are amazing … I found them at this really cool shop called CoCo-Mat.  Super reasonably priced, great good quality, and very cozy!

It’s the little things!

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