Welcome to August in Amsterdam!

From the day we started planning our trip, Amsterdam was the city I was most looking forward to … 9-days in and she has not disappointed. We are all very happy here and we’ve settled in nicely. All our bags are unpacked and stored away and we are already calling it ‘home.”

First, the Amsterdam house is totally different from the London house. We are a bit more outside the city than where we were in London, a bit more of a suburb. The street is quiet, there’s an amazing park right across the street, and the house itself is truly a family house. The house has three floors. The main floor has the kitchen, living area, dining table, and a half bath. Upstairs has three bedrooms and a full bath, then there’s a basement with another bedroom, washer/dryer (YES, there’s an actual dryer!), and a secondary living/play space. There’s also an amazing patio and backyard.

From what I can tell, there are 3-kids that live here — two girls and a boy.  All are young, right around Nolan’s age, so it is well stocked with toys, games, and activities for Nolan.  The backyard is also lovely. There is a sand pile and a climbing jungle gym.  Upon arriving Nolan’s reaction was pretty priceless, something along the lines of “you picked the perfect house, Mom.”

The kitchen is well stocked and I’ve quickly mastered the coffee pot.  It’s an actual coffee pot, so I’ve been setting it the night before and then I taught Nolan how to turn it on in the mornings for me.  He gets up about 7am, pops down to the kitchen, turns on the coffee, and then Momma gets to truly wake up to a nice cup of coffee.  I’ve really enjoyed my quiet cup of coffee out on the patios each morning and makes it easy to feel right at home.

Our offices are also setup. I have setup my office in the third bedroom upstairs, which is the little girls rooms.  My office is pretty, pink, and filled with My Little Pony’s and Barbies. The bedroom overlooks the park and street, so I’m very happy.  I picked-up my candle, unpacked my office, and I’m off and running for work.  Jim setup his office in the basement living area.  It’s equality incredible as his space has a massive bay window that looks out to the back yard.  He’s also unpacked, monitor setup, and the power station up & running.

Here’s to a great month!

Main Level: Entry Way & Shoe, Sunscreen, Keys, Sunglass Station

^The house has these lovely little red bins that open and close. We moved things around a bit so that we each had one of our own.

^ I felt the staircase warranted its own picture. They are SUPER steep and I’m convinced that if I die in Amsterdam, it will be from falling down these stairs.

Main Level: Living Area, Kitchen, Dining Room Table, and Coffee Pot

^The Brown Family schedule has found its way to the refrigerator.

^ Originally, I thought I would buy a coffee cup in each city, but I’ve really enjoyed finding a cup provided and making it my own.


2nd Level: Master Bedroom

^Laundry bins provided this time, we’ve got a color bin and whites bin. Happy Momma!

2nd Level: Full Bathroom 

^Yes, I’ve already taken a bath. The tub is amazing.

2nd Level: My Office

Basement Level: Living Space & Jim’s Office

Basement Level: Washer & Dryer

^ This is the container that holders the water in the dryer.  It has to be emptied each time. Who knew??

Bikes, Bikes, and more Bikes

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  1. This house looks a lot more “liveable” than the London house……love it!!

    1. This house is so much better than the London house for sure! I have actually found myself thinking how we would make it home. Bump that wall out, extend the kitchen to over there, make this Nolan’s room, add a bathroom to the basement.

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