You haven’t been there yet.

Amsterdam has been an amazing city, it’s crazy we are packing up today for our flight to Kiev tomorrow.

For the last couple of days, Jim and I have been talking about leaving Amsterdam and that we both are a little sad.  Of course, Nolan has been overhearing all of our conversations and I sometimes forget how much he picks up.

T0day Nolan and I had our last day date, we went to the Amsterdam Zoo and had lunch.  As we were walking around the city, we were talking about Amsterdam. I was asking him what his favorite part has been, if he will miss anything, what he’s looking forward to in Kiev, and then he hit me with this ….

“You like this country, but you might like another more. You don’t know Mom cause you haven’t been there yet.”

I literally stopped walking, sat down on a bench, and with tears in my eyes wrote down what he said word-for-word.  I was given a total attitude adjustment by a 5-year old.  He is so right.  We have really enjoyed our time in Amsterdam, we’ve made some really amazing memories, but chin up buttercup.  There is no reason to be sad, we have more adventures to come.

Nolan is such a precious, thoughtful kid and I am profoundly grateful to be his Mom.


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  1. You two have done an awesome job instilling into Nolan such a positive outlook on life.
    He is one special kid.

  2. I absolutely love this! What an amazing conversation and advice to capture forever!! Great job Nolan 🙂

  3. This is amazing. He is such a smart, insightful guys and it sounds like he is getting so much out of this adventure so far!

    1. He really is doing great. He adjusts faster than Jim and I do in a city for sure. As long as he knows, 1) where his shoes go, 2) where his toys go, and 3) where his iPad charging station is — he’s a happy kid.

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