Final Itinerary Set

It’s been more than two years in the making, but Kathy, Nolan and I have finally set the full itinerary for our trip around the world and we couldn’t be more excited.

July 1, we will leave life as we know it here in Fishers, Indiana and venture out to spend a full month in twelve different countries. Without further ado, here is the month by month view of where we’ll be:

  • July – London, England
    Average Hi/Lo – 74/60
    Time Zone – (GMT) +5
  • August -Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Average Hi/Lo – 72/55
    Time Zone – (CET) +6
  • September – Kiev, Ukraine
    Average Hi/Lo – 66/58
    Time Zone – (EET) +7
  • October – Venice, Italy
    Average Hi/Lo – 64/49
    Time Zone – (CET) +6
  • November – Barcelona, Spain
    Average Hi/Lo – 64/53
    Time Zone – (CET) +6
  • December – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Average Hi/Lo – 87/75
    Time Zone – (EAT) +8
  • January – Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Average Hi/Lo – 86/59
    Time Zone – (ICT) +12
  • February – Hong Kong/China
    Average Hi/Lo – 76/59
    Time Zone – (HKT) +13
  • March – Tokyo, Japan
    Average Hi/Lo – 57/40
    Time Zone – (JST) +14
  • April – Sydney, Australia
    Average Hi/Lo – 74/60
    Time Zone – (AEDT) +16
  • May – Auckland, New Zealand
    Average Hi/Lo – 64/50
    Time Zone – (NZDT) +18
  • June – Santiago, Chile
    Average Hi/Lo – 59/38
    Time Zone – (CLST) +2

We would love to have visitors from home in any of the countries we plan to visit!

12 Responses

  1. Let me know if you are planning a trip to India

  2. How absolutely wonderful for you and your family! What an incredibly great trip for Nolan! I cannot tell you just how very proud I am of you Jim. You never know who might visit!
    Love you,

    1. Thanks so much, Ms. K! We’re having a blast so far in London. I know it’s only been five days, but at this rate… we may never come “home.”

  3. Hey Jim,

    Pretty cool itinerary!

    Any chance you might travel to Prague or Bratislava for a weekend trip?

    It’d be great to meet and also recommend great sales guys around.

    Happy to hear back from you,


    PS: Thanks a lot for your podcast, every single week I’m learning great things from you and your guests. Hope to get to your podcast one day 🙂

  4. Wow! Safe travels! Looks like quite an adventure. I’ll be following you.

  5. You truly ARE living the dream. I would lovw to learn how you came up with this idea and more about executing it!! Love and hugs, have fun!!

  6. Hey y’all – how long you gonna be in London? I’ll be in the UK from July 22-Aug 5…. i’ll Be in County Kent for the last week, returning home from Heathrow.

    1. We leave for Amsterdam the morning of July 31… it would be badass to hang in London! We’re in Tottenham, about a 30 minute tube ride from the city. Let me know! Same phone still works for call/text!

  7. Just got caught up on your posts so far. Signing up for the rest now…. Id really like to see a post(s) about some of your planning. Strategy, tools and lessons learned for things like, Choosing the overall location. Finding a house and choosing a local location, travel methods, child consideration, safety prep through the mind of a Marine – Oorah! …etc

    1. You got it, man! I thought about writing some of that stuff, but wasn’t sure if others would find it interesting. I certainly did! 😉

  8. I enjoy getting caught up on all your posts, thank you guys for being so diligent about taking the time to put your experiences out there! I’m not sure if this platform is supposed to, but I don’t get any emails when you publish something new. I tried a couple different email addresses, but no success. I usually come in every couple weeks and get caught up with a handful of posts. Looking forward to keep up with it!

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