Food: Sitges, Spain Part 1

I have fallen in love with Sitges. After exploring the town, I discovered the best way to shop is at the specialty stores rather than the larger grocery store. It takes 5-different stops to get everything on my list, but it is totally worth it.  Let me walk you through my local shopping trip.

The Sitges house in the pink heart on the map. Nolan and I did our weekly shopping on Monday mornings.  We headed out without (2) Marqt shopping bags from Amsterdam.  We made the short walk, 750 m (or .46 miles) into the town where we made 5-stops, noted by the (1) to (5) above.  (6) is the large supermarket, Mercadona, which I’ll write more about in a second Food post.

Stop 1: Caprabo

Caprabo is where we picked up household supplies like paper towels, laundry soap, toilet paper, etc. I also found they had a really good supply of spices and herbs.

Stop 2: Veritas

Veritas is our stop for all our dairy and eggs. I would liken the Veritas to a Fresh Market — lots of their own brands. We also found some good chips. Though I was never very impressed with their produce section.

Stop 3: City Super

City Super had some of the best produce .. and we found Chips Ahoy cookies for Daddy.  I also found black beans here! AND — this where I got creamer.  Strongly enough, cream was very hard to find in the shops.

Stop 4: Forn 9 S.L

Forn is by far one of my favorite stops on our shopping trip. There was always a line out the door and you could smell the freshly baked bread from down the street.  We also tried several of their pastries – donuts, croissants, mesh, it was all amazing!

Stop 5: La Bouche Qui Rit 

La Bouche is incredible. I got all our meat from this butcher shop. Freshly ground ground beef, steaks, chicken, sausage, and pork. It was all amazing. I also thought they had an interesting supply of sauces including Sweet Baby Rays!

Research on Part 1 is a little challenging because each store, but here are a few thoughts:

  • We got our apples at the City Saver, which had 6 apple varieties.  Nolan always picked out his own apples.
  • We got our bread from Forn. They had 6 different varieties of sliced bread in addition to all the freshly baked loafs & baguette.
  • We got our mile from Veritas. All the milk was on the shelf and warm, there wasn’t any cold milk. Veritas has several different varieties of milk too, cows milk, almond milk, coconut milk.  I always got the whole cows milk.
  • Aisles … N/A.  Each store was very different, but all were very small.

Other comments about food in Sitges:

  • Personally, I really loved shopping at all the individual stores.  We had some of the best meat of the trip in Sitges, the bread was always amazing, and the produce was good and seemed to have a slightly longer shelf life. We only ever had our (2) shopping bags, so we always make smaller shops as we had to carry everything back to the house.
  • Being close to the ocean, I wanted to get fish, but I never had the courage to get fresh fish. There was a fish butcher shop directly across from La Bouche, which I did stop into. They only sold whole, uncleaned fish. I don’t know how to clean a fish, and I’m not sure how to cook a whole fish either.
  • I cooked a ton in Sitges, which was lovely. I probably cooked more here than I did in any other city — including Thanksgiving dinner.

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