A New Normal

Our trip has officially begun, we are out of the house. We begin our trip with a trial run here in Fishers, Indiana. We are staying with a friend and starting to figure out a new normal.

As we brought in our suitcases and bins, I quickly realized the importance of settling in quickly. My anxiety was raging as I stood in our bedroom surrounded by all our stuffed packed up, so I got to work. Within about 30 mins everything was unpacked; clothes hung up and in drawers, toiletries placed in the bathroom, my computer setup, booked on my nightstand, coffee placed by coffee pot, and suitcases packed away. Even though we aren’t in our home, I still need to feel at home. Which got me to thinking, as we move from country to country, what will be on our settingling checklist?

  1. Get the suitecases unpacked ASAP!
  2. Setup our workspaces
  3. Verify coffee situation
  4. Make Shopping list and run to store
  5. Research and create a running map

I’m sure it will improve over time, but for now, these are the items that I’ve come up with.

Here’s all our nicely packed away memories at the Brixton House. It’s crazy to think — this is all it takes to make a house a home!

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