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While it’s hard to believe, our 30-days in London has come to an end. I’ve realized, London is not my city, but I’m glad we came and spent the time exploring. Here’s a reflection on our time in London:


I can’t say that I’ve overly enjoyed my London runs. Running in a city is really hard. Stopping and staring a thousand times at each street is for the birds!  I jokingly told Jim, running in a city is really close to trail running because I’m constantly bobby and weaving between people, wobbly sidewalks, and around traffic. I also think it is discussing to run through cigarette smoke! I did get in a couple country runs during our weekend trips and those were fabulous.

Total Miles: 74.9

Loop Distance: 4 miles

Best Pace: 8:46 average pace / mile

A couple of my favorite pictures from my (2) country runs.

^from Lincoln.

^ from Bowood.



French press it is! I’ve become a pro at the French press while in London and something tells me it’s only the beginning. I’ve tried a few different coffee brands from the market, tested out the ideal brewing mins, and overall tried to embrace my new morning routine. While I don’t get to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, Nolan and I are still making it a point to have our morning coffee together.

My London French press at #18. It was good to me.

Coffee Lovers, my favorite coffee shop I found in London.


I’ve gotten a few Moms Day Out while in London and tried to take full advantage of my “me” time.  I’ve heavily researched and found a great Nail Salon. I got a gel manicure which was top-notch and a pedicure was fabulous. The nail salon was comparable in both quality and price as the states. I also heavily researched eyelash extensions and got my lashes done twice. Lashes were very well done and about half the cost. I also found working the second shift that I didn’t actually watch any TV, which was a side benefit, but rather enjoyed.  AND as an added benefit, with all the bus rides and parks, I made it through one and a half books.

This if Phu. She does lashes from her home – Lash E5 Room. She did an amazing job on my eyelashes!

Mani & Pedi from London. I went to Perfect Nails.

What I loved about London:

  • The transportation system as incredible. At first, it was really intimidating, but by the end, I was a pro. It’s different to rely on a bus schedule vs just jumping in your car and going someplace, but overall, I enjoyed my bus rides and used the time to listen to music or read a book.
  • I loved, loved, loved the free-range dogs. In the park or walking down the street in the neighborhood, you won’t find many dogs on leashes. I actually really liked it. You’d see a dog prancing down the street and then either a few feet ahead or behind you’d find the owner.
  • On more than a few occasions I witnessed mother’s breastfeeding in public and it was a total non-event.  None of the moms were hiding in a corner or draped with a blanket, they were just feeding their babies without a second thought.

What I didn’t love about London:

  • It was unseasonably hot in London, so maybe it was a bit more noticeable, but London needs water fountains. I always carry my Camelbak water bottle with me and I’m always filling it up, but in London, that’s not a thing.
  • Air Conditioning is also not a thing in London. Again, it was unseasonably hot while we were in London, but still – I really struggled to sleep some nights because it was just so hot!
  • Laundry, laundry, and more laundry – and it’s only the beginning. We’ve made it a point to ensure the houses we rent always have a washer, but I don’t think I realized how constant laundry was going to become.


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