Back Home

We went to the Hong Kong Space Museum yesterday. During our visit we watched America Wild: National Parks Adventure (2016) It was very emotional for me. I left feeling very proud to be an American and burning desire to explore the USA.

Jim and I both agreed, when we return to the USA in July 2019 we plan to explore our own country more.  We have some of the most amazing National Parks and I want to make it my mission to visit as many as possible with Nolan.  The USA is such a large country and I want to see more of it!  We want to continue our weekend backpack trips — Montana, Utah, Maine, Oregon, … here we come. I’ve already started my list of places to explore in the USA.  Let us know if you have any recommendations!

If you haven’t watched America Wild: National Parks Adventure (2016) , check it out!

Back Home by Any Grammar was in the movie. The song alone made me tear up.  We are on the adventure of a life time.  We’ve seen some amazing places, met some really kind people, eat some tasty food, drank some of the most delicious coffee — but Indiana is home — and I’m looking forward to being Back Home.

I’ll be listening to this song on repeat for the next 4-months.

(Hey) And no matter where we go
We always find our way back home

See you soon Fishers, Indiana!

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