Life Design and Working Remote

Four years ago, shortly after Nolan was born is when we first started talking about this trip. At the time, I was working for a small software company based in Indianapolis. I really enjoyed my job, but it was an office based position.

I needed to consider a change in position to ensure I had the flexibility to work remote. I researched my options and ultimately decided to switch to a larger New York based company that specialized in Salesforce. Five years later, I have the experience and network I need to make our trip a reality.

While traveling, we are working second shift to stay on Eastern Standard Time. We have family time in the mornings rather than the evenings. So far, it looks something like this:

Monday through Thursday: Up around 7am for a little quiet time. Nolan is up around 8am for morning snuggles and breakfast. We are out of the house around 10am to explore the city. We’ve been making it back around 2pm for a lunch and then when Nolan goes down for nap. Work starts about 3pm and I’ve been working till about 11pm and I’ve still been fitting in my run around 8pm, which is a nice way to break up my work day. In bed just after 11pm.

Friday: Up around 7am for quiet time. Still breakfast and family time, but finishing off my work week in the mornings.  It’s actually been lovely, because I have a work block time where I can knock out work without being interrupted. Friday afternoons and evening – family time!

Saturday and Sunday: Explore!! I am going to try to not work over the weekend, though I know I’ll likely check in.  The thing is, I actually like my job, so sometimes I want to work because I get sucked into a problem and I want to find the solution – guess that’s why I’m a great Solution Architect.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed second shift. It is the same hours of a day, they are just used differently. I actually think I’m using my hours more efficiently. Back in the States, I would basically waste 9pm to 11pm watching TV anyway, so in Europe by moving to second shift, I’ve gained those 2 hours back in the morning. Surprisingly, I have not missed the TV.

Also, as with back in the States, it’s important to have a workspace. Because my work is always with me, I need to be able to physically contain my work, so that I don’t always feel like I’m “at work.” I’ve setup a desk and even bought a cozy candle, so that my workspace is enjoyable.

So far, I’m really enjoying the new schedule and workspace. I know adjustments will be necessary as we go and as with all aspects of this trip – embrace the unknown and consider the inconvenience of life an adventure.

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  1. I love your writing style….keep the post coming. You and Jim are living the dream!

    1. Thanks Todd! You inspired my tastes posted. Enjoy!

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