Which Way Do I Go?

There’s nothing like being in a new place trying to orient yourself to unfamiliar surroundings. Something I found immediately interesting about London was the street signs, or lack thereof. Google Maps does a fine job with directions, but when it tells you to “turn right on Field Road,” it’s kind of helpful to see a sign for said road.

As I’ve been exploring, I’ve found almost very little consistency with the location of signs and often there just isn’t one at all. As you can see below, some are high on the corners of buildings, some are on signs low to the ground, and some (like Winchelsea) are attached to the more common street pole we’d see in the US.

Thus far, I’ve only been exploring by foot and public transit. This weekend, we’ll be renting a car, so I’m preparing now for the fun we’re about to get into.


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